Like a time capsule, out of time, the space is meant
to reflect our most nostalgic imagination.

Floating in a most singular twilight zone, like the step of a coordinated waltz, the choreography between dining and dancing, the flow of music and conversation.

A favorite expression of Ashkenazi grandmothers, Boubalé is the tender name for "my little doll, my little darling" in Yiddish. It's with this memory in mind that Chef Assaf Granit reinvents a cuisine that comes from the depths of the soul, his heritage.

An open door to the art of living, Boubalé nourishes heart and soul alike by reinventing a new, chic, and contemporary feast inspired by the delights of a shimmering Eastern Europe.

In this intimate and inspired world, rich in scenery and flavors, time no longer exists.
What remains is the pleasure of opening up to others, sharing the grace of a moment, a sense of celebration, timelessness.

Breakfast: from 7AM to 10:30AM and 11AM on the weekend
Lunch: from 12PM to 2:30PM
Dinner : from 7PM to 11:30PM
Brunch: from 12PM to 3PM every sunday

+33 1 83 64 00 65

6 Rue des Archives
75004 Paris, France